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Sport Chic Limited Edition

At the beginning of last week, I heard about some new Pentel P205 pencils from Europe. I managed to find a source and ordered them. Unbelievably, I received them in last Friday.

These 4 pencils are matt colored, and upon examination, they are a painted pencil, but I have never had any problems with the paint that Pentel uses on their P200 pencils, other than the occasional extra thick coat that obscures the mold mark.

I really do like the colors of these pencils, and the color of the printing, although at times the dark blue on the black is a little hard to see. These pencils have the standard text on them with a long bar before the text begins. And the removable barcode sticker on the bottom gives the part number and GTIN barcode for each pencil.

P205-99A Black

This is the Black version with Dark Blue text, which as you can see might be a bit hard to read. The barcode is 3474372170017, registered out of France.

P205-99C Night Blue

The Night Blue version has a Light Green text. The barcode is 3474372170024.

P205-99D Green Khaki

This is a Green Khaki with Yellow text. The barcode is 3474372170031.

P205-99V Mauve

This is the Mauve pencil with a Light Blue text. The barcode is 3474372170048.


I still hope that Pentel Japan or Pentel USA will come out with something special to celebrate 50 years of the P200, but at this point, I am not holding my breath too much. If these are the only truly new pencils to come out this year for the P200’s 50th Anniversary, I won’t be completely disappointed.