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P200 Since 1970 Box Sets

The day I made my last post, I was looking at my regular list of auction site searches and came across a listing for a P200 Box Set. Intrigued, I looked at the post, then very quickly ordered it. Then I went back into the post to look a little more at the item, and the pictures. This was the P200GRBXSET Graphite Series Limited Edition Collectors Set.

For this packaged items, I like to have 2 sets in my collection. One to open, take the pencils and put them in my collection cases, and the other to keep with everything intact. So, I contacted the seller, asking if he had any more in stock. He replied that he did have another, and that he would put it up for me to purchase, so I picked up my second set.

At this point, he also mentioned that he had another set. I asked about that, and this one was the P200CLBXSET Classic Series Limited Edition Collectors Set. He listed them for me, and I bought those for myself.

Jump a week later, and I have these in my hands.

Graphite Series Limited Edition Collectors Set

This box set contains 4 pencils, P203 to P209, in shades of graphite from Soft Silver to Dark Graphite. These pencils are not labeled, and the box does not include model numbers.

The package is marked, “Distributed by: Pentel of America, Ltd, 4000 E Airport Dr., Suite C, Ontario, CA 91761”, and has a barcode of 072512283882.

P203 Soft Silver
P205 Light Pewter
P207 Medium Gunmetal
P209 Dark Graphite

As you can see these pencils are marked the same as the pencils in my earlier post about the “since 1970” pencils.

While waiting for this set to arrive, I was wondering if the P205 in this box set was the same P205-1Z in the earlier Taiwanese release. It turns out this is not the case, as you can see in the picture above, the P205-1Z is the pencil in the middle and the P203 & P205 bracket it. It appears that the P203 from this set is the same color, or very similar to, the P205-1Z.

When I first saw the picture of the back of this set, I was confused about one of the lines in the description. In the second paragraph, it states “In honor of over 50 years of reliability, this limited edition series features the original colors launched in 1970 with a commemorative imprint celebrating that history.” This line makes absolutely no sense, unless everything I know about the history of the Pentel P200 gets thrown out the window.

That is until I found out about the other box set the seller offered.

Classic Series Limited Edition Collectors Set

Like the box set above, this set contains 4 pencils, P203 to P209 in the original colors launched in 1970. Now, I have not found any evidence of the P203’s existence earlier than Generation 4 (that just may mean I haven’t found it… yet), but I will let this slide, since the other 3 were launched in 1970. Again, these pencils are not labeled, nor are model numbers indicated anywhere on the box.

Again, distributed by Pentel of America, the barcode is 072512283875, which is 1 code earlier than the Graphite Box Set.

P203 Classic Brown
P205 Classic Black
P207 Classic Blue
P209 Classic Yellow

Again, these are marked with the “since 1970” text.

Here is the back of the Classic set box, with the same text as on the Graphite Box Set, which makes much more sense here. It appears this box was designed first, and the layout copied for the Graphite Box Set, with suitable changes, and that line was just missed in those changes.

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New Brazilian Metallics and Hybrids

Last year, Pentel Brazil released 3 sets of Metallic pencils in 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. These were the Rose Pink (MP1PB), Sky Blue (MSPB) and Rose Gold (MYPB) colors. All of those pencils had been previously released in the US in 0.5mm and 0.7mm, but that was the first time a 0.9mm version was released. This time, there is a little mixture.

The following pencils were released in September 2021.

Metallic Light Green (MK1PB)

Like last year, this is the first time the P209 has been released in this color.

Oddly, this is the first time that this color has been released as a P205 under this model. The original P205 Metallic Light Green was originally released, in the US, as P205M-KX. In May 2019, I wrote a post about the change in model number between the MK and MK1 model numbers.

P205-MK1PB Light Green (7908429600043)
P207-MK1PB Light Green (7908429600050)
P209-MK1PB Light Green (7908429600067)

Metallic Pink (MPPB)

Unlike all of the previous metallics, all 3 of these models have been released in the US.

P205-MPPB Pink (7908429600074)
P207-MPPB Pink (7908429600081)
P209-MPPB Pink (7908429600098)


Brazilian Hybrid Pencils

I was curious to see what these pencils were when I first saw them in the 2022 Brazil catalog. They were listed with 2 colors, but no other explanation.

Later on, I saw the Pentel Brazil Instagram post about these, and that gave a better explanation of what these are. Here is the translation of the point of the post:

“You asked for new colors and we hear you, Pentel Lovers!

Sharp Hybrid mechanical pencils change depending on the incidence of light. The green gets shades of blue and the violet with shades of brown.”

Yes, these are painted pencils, on a black base plastic, and this is a dichroic paint on these pencils. You may have seen this elsewhere, especially on some higher end paint jobs on some cars, where it looks one color from one direction, and changes colors as the car goes by, or you walk around it. Unfortunately, this is hard to photograph the multiple colors in one shot, and I did not get a good shot of the first pencils, but the second ones have a decent representation. Otherwise, they are very reminiscent of the Irridescent Colors released in Europe in 2019.

Hybrid Green Blue (HDCPB)

As I said above, capturing both colors is hard to do with this type of paint, and you can’t really see the blue in this photograph.

P205-HDCPB Hybrid Green Blue (7908429600210)
P207-HDCPB Hybrid Green Blue (7908429600227)
P209-HDCPB Hybrid Green Blue (7908429600234)

Hybrid Brown Purple (HEVPB)

The color was captured better on this pencil, especially on the bottom one above.

P205-HEVPB Hybrid Brown Purple (7908429600180)
P207-HEVPB Hybrid Brown Purple (7908429600197)
P209-HEVPB Hybrid Brown Purple (7908429600203)