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Brazilian P200s, part 2

This is the second part of the Brazilian P200 pencils.  There are 3 different series of pencils I will cover in this post.

Collection Neon

This is the first series I will cover in this post. These were released over 2 different years, which I will mention below.

The colors of these pencils all match the colors of the Swiss Fluorescent Limited Editions, with the exception of the color of the text.  The Swiss text is all silver and the Brazilian text is black. Also, I mentioned in the last post about the Collection preceding the normal text on the side.  Since I know these are newer pencils, and they all have Collection on them, this is why I suspect that the P200-MTAPB and P200-XPB are the newest of the COLLECTION COLORS pencils.

The color code here (ex. FFPB) stands for:
F – Fluorescent
F – Pentel’s color code for Orange
PB – Pentel Brazil

These are the same color codes (minus the PB) that were used with the Swiss Limited Editions.

P200-FFPB Neon OrangeP205-FFPB (Gen 6) - 336P207-FFPB (Gen 6) - 369P209-FFPB (Gen 6) - 324

This is a bright orange pencil with all of these examples being manufactured in Japan.

The P205 and P207 were released in 2015, with the P209 being released in 2016.

The barcodes for these pencils are:
P205 – 7898419163750
P207 – 7898419163767
P209 – 7898419164733

I got these pencils from friend in Brazil in April 2017.

P200-FGPB Neon YellowP205-FGPB (Gen 6) - 371P207-FGPB (Gen 6) - 321P209-FGPB (Gen 6) - 327

This is a bright yellow pencil, but only the P205 & P207 (released in 2015) were manufactured in Japan and the P209 (released in 2016) is made in Brazil.

The barcodes for these pencils are:
P205 – 7898419163736
P207 – 7898419163743
P209 – 7898419164740

Again, these were received in April 2017.

P200-FPPB Neon PinkP205-FPPB (Gen 6) - 311P207-FPPB (Gen 6) - 336P209-FPPB (Gen 6) - 306

These bright pink pencils were all manufactured in Brazil and released in 2016 with the P209s of the previous two colors.

The barcodes for these pencils are:
P205 – 7898419164719
P207 – 7898419164726
P209 – 7898419164757

I traded for these pencils with a collector here in Texas, in February 2017, just before making friends in Brazil.

Limitada Brasil

These next two colors were released to celebrate the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  They all include the Brazilian flag before the text on the side of the pencil.

The color code here (ex. DBPB) stands for:
D – Pentel’s color code for Green
B – Brazilian flag
PB – Pentel Brazil

P200-DBPB GreenP203-DBPB (Gen 6) - 324P205-DBPB (Gen 6) - 354P207-DBPB (Gen 6) - 336P209-DBPB (Gen 6) - 354

These pencils are a dark green, a little darker than the P205D.  These were all manufactured in Brazil and released in 2014.

The barcodes for these pencils are:
P203 – 7898419161268
P205 – 7898419161275
P207 – 7898419161282
P209 – 7898419161299

I got these in the April 2017 shipment from Brazil.

P200-WBPB WhiteP203-WBPB (Gen 6) - 336P205-WBPB (Gen 6) - 369P207-WBPB (Gen 6) - 342P209-WBPB (Gen 6) - 336

These are a nice white pencil with the text color matching the background of the Brazilian flag. Again, these were all manufactured in Brazil and released in 2014.

The barcodes for these pencils are:
P203 – 7898419161305
P205 – 7898419161312
P207 – 7898419161329
P209 – 7898419161336

I got the P205 from an eBay seller in Korea in January 2017, and the other 3 in April 2017 from Brazil.

40 Anos Collection

These pencils were released in 2010 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the P205’s release in 1970 (I have also been told that it was to celebrate 40 years of Pentels being sold in Brazil). One blog I saw stated that these were “distributed only to shopkeepers.” I assume that means that they went to stores that sold these individually, not to stores in Retail packaging.

These pencils are the same color as the COLLECTION COLORS P200-FRPB Ferrari Red pencils.  So, I suspect that the P200-40PB were distributed in 2010, and then the text was changed on the side to the standard text and continued to be distributed P200-FRPB.

P200-40PB RedP205-40PB (Gen 6) - 411P207-40PB (Gen 6) - 414P209-40PB (Gen 6) - 429

This is a nice bright red pencil that was manufactured in Brazil. As stated above the text on these pencils have the model (ex. P205), and then “40 Anos” in a handwriting type font, then has the size and Pentel in the standard fonts.

I only own the P205 & P207 versions of these pencils, and only the P205 has the barcode sticker on it (the P209 photo was provided by PentelProvider (@professorfelipe) on Instagram). I have confirmed the barcodes for all three pencils, and they are:
P205 – 7898419154772
P207 – 7898419154789
P209 – 7898419154796

I received these pencils from two different friends in Brazil (PentelProvider is one), the P207 in April 2018 and the P205 in May 2018.


This post is really just an informative post about how barcodes work, and what they can tell us about where a product is from. Since this blog is about my Pentel collection, I will be using Pentel barcodes, but this applies to most barcodes in general.

All Pentel pencils that I have seen have either a 12-digit or 13-digit barcode (there are other lengths of barcodes, but I am not going to cover those).

UPC-A Example
12-digit UPC-A (Universal Product Code version A) used in United States and Canada.

IAN-13 Example
13-digit IAN-13 (International Article Number) used in the rest of the world. This is sometimes referred to as EAN-13 (European Article Number) or JAN-13 (Japanese Article Number).

Barcodes can be divided into 3 parts (yes, it is actually more complicated than that, but for simplicity, this works). For the IAN-13 code, the first 7 digits are the assigned Company Prefix and for the UPC-A, it is the first 6 digits. The next 5 are assigned by the manufacturer as a unique identifier, and the last digit is a check digit.

What we are concerned with here is the 6 or 7-digit Company Prefix. This tells us who the manufacturing company is, or in this case, which of Pentel’s regional companies is the primary distribution point.

To find this information, you can go to and enter the 12 or 13-digit barcode number, it will return the company associated with the Company Prefix. In some cases, it cannot find a record associated with that code, but will at least return the region it is associated with.

The chart below shows what is returned for an example product barcode from every region that Pentel has barcodes associated with P200 Sharps (that I have seen).

Barcode & Item Company Prefix Country Code Company
P205 Black & White Pack
065921 CA Pentel Stationary of Canada Ltd.
5900 No. 2 Road
Unit 140
Richmond, BC V7C 4R9
P205 2-Pack
072512 US Pentel of America, Ltd.
TORRANCE, CA 90503-3861
Carbon Black P205
XP209 Kirari Pink Single Pack
4902506 JP ぺんてる(株)
White (Blank Text) P205
7610924 CH This information is provided by: GS1 Switzerland
Response Code: 2 (No record found)
Ferrari Red P205
Metallic Blue P205
884851 US This information is provided by: GS1 US, INC.
Response Code: 2 (No record found)

As you can see two of the barcodes did not return company information, but did at least return the region they are associated with. This does not mean that these are bad numbers, it may be that Pentel for that region, just purchased a range of barcodes, instead of a Company Prefix.

What does this information tell us? Well, for example, the P205-GA Carbon Black pencil that is sold in a lot of places, such as (a US reseller of pencils from Japan), was not originally released by Pentel Japan, but actually by Pentel Europe in France. Does this really mean anything, probably not in reference to these pencils, but if you find a pencil with the barcode attached, you can at least have a starting point on where to possibly source the pencil.

If you are interested in learning more about this, here are links to a few Wikipedia articles: