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Custom Pentel P205 Pencils III +

This post is a while coming, since I have had most of these pencils since the end of last year. This time I have 4 custom built pencils, plus a P205 being sold by an online retail outlet. Three of these custom pencils are wood turned pencils and one is a metal pencil.

BuildToSuit – P205 Turned Ambrosia Maple Pencil

This is a nice pencil, but a little bit thicker than I like at 10mm. The connection to the tip is very well turned and the tip matches up to the body without any gaps. The opening at the back is thick enough to not break when the pencil is used.

RockingRPWoodworx – P205 Turned Kingwood Pencil

This pencil fits my hand much better, being about 8mm towards the front of the grip, growing to about 9mm, just in front of the clip. I like the multiple colors in the wood grain and it does have a groove turned in the body for the clip to sit in. And it does have a nice bevel at the cap end.

The one issue I have is that it has split at the cap end on the opposite side of the clip.

Bryan Field Pens – P205 Turned Black Walnut Pencil

I like to collect P200 pencils from everybody who makes custom pencils, so when I saw that Bryan Field Pens had one, I ordered it. He sold this as a P209, but I replaced the inner workings with a 0.5mm, since that is what I have all of my custom pencils in.

I like the colors in this pencil that are hard to capture in the photo, but there are a few issues I have with this pencil. First it is much too large for my preference (11mm), and it does not have a clip, but those are just preferences. The main issue is the section where the tip screws over is too long, so the back of the tip does not meet up with the body, and even if it did, it would not be a smooth transition, as the front of the body is about 2 mm wider than the back of the tip.

Garret Behm – P205 Black Coated Brass Pencil

I saw Garret post an early version of this pencil and contacted him about purchasing it. He did not want to sell that one because it was an experiment and had scratches and stuff on it, so he made a new one and sold it to me. A little later, he started an Indiegogo page to sell these.

The body of this pencil is six sided brass that has been powder coated black, then trimmed on the ends and the grooves cut. Unlike most custom pencil makers, he also powder coated the tip and the cap of the original P205 parts. – V1202 Pencil

This pencil is not a custom made pencil, but manufactured by Pentel. Because it is a single pencil from one company, I did not want to just write a blog post about just the one pencil, so I included it in this post.

I saw mention of this pencil on a post on the Pentel Japan website, and decided to check it out. It does not have any of the normal text on the side, but has the Freitag logo imprinted on the bottom.