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2021… What a year for the P200! Plus Others

As I was starting to add my latest pencils to my display cases, which were up to six cases of up to 48 pencils each, of which there were 10 blank spaces in these cases, I realized I needed to add a new case, since I was adding 15 pencils. Even if I was just adding as few as 3 pencils, I would have needed more space, since I want to keep the sets together. Then while I was working on this, the 2 box sets from the previous posts came up, plus another pencil showed up unexpectedly, making it 24 pencils I was adding. Now, 4 of these pencils are not new stock, but are older pencils I got at auction. I will review these below, along with a few new custom Spoke pencils, but it made me look back at what all was officially released this year by Pentel, no matter which division.


Thirty one new P200 pencils were released this year. Looking back in my records, the most released in any other year, was back in 2015, when 26 pencils were released.

Here is a quick review of what Pentel released this year.

P205 “Since 1970” Silver and Gold (2)

These appear to have come out in the first quarter of the year, but appear to have been officially announced out of Pentel Taiwan on 2021/05/25. I first heard about it through a contact on my blog in February. He said they were available on an auction site in China, and that the silver was available on CultPens. I picked up the silver immediately, then a few of months later, I found a source and bought the gold version.

Loft P205 Pastels (3)

Top two old, bottom three are new

Again, in the fist quarter of the year, Loft stores in Japan released 3 new pastel colored P205 pencils. Along with 2 pencils from the 2019 P200 for Boys & Girls, these make up the set of 5 Pastel P205 pencils.

P205 Pastel/Floral (6)

In June, on their Instagram, Pentel France announced the release of 6 new Pastel P205 pencils. Of course before this, I had found these on CultPens, but there, they were referred to as P205 Floral pencils and had flower names for the colors.

P200 Brazilian Metallics (6)

In August, Pentel Brazil released their 2022 catalog and, for once I got the jump on my friend in Brazil as to what was coming out. Following up on the release last year of 3 sets of Metallic pencils, Pentel Brazil released 2 more sets of Metallic pencils in P205, P207 & P209.

P200 Brazilian Hybrids (6)

But the biggest news out of Brazil was the 2 new Hybrid pencil sets, again in P205, P207 & P209 (as someone commented elsewhere, I believe it was Reddit, the P203 is not seeing a lot of love). These are a Dichroic painted pencil, where the color shifts depending on viewing angle and light. They are some of my favorites I have seen in a long time.

P200 “Since 1970” Box Sets (8)


Coming out in early November from Pentel of America, the last sets of the year were released as Collectors box sets in 2 different styles: Graphite and Classic. Both of them include the standard 4 sizes, including the P203, which Pentel of America has ignored for decades. The Graphite collection has graphite colored pencils from a silver graphite (P203) up to a dark graphite (P209), and in the Classic collection, they are the classic colors: brown (P203), black (P205), blue (P207) and yellow (P209).

All of these pencils pushed my collection over the 300 pencil mark. Okay, it’s 301… but that counts… well, there are a few duplicates, where the Brazilian metallics duplicated some of the US metallics… and there is that pair of P325 pencils that have different Japanese stickers, but…


Pencils Not Covered in another Post

Spoke 6

Spoke 6 Proto Aluminum (8.6mm grip)
Spoke 6 Proto Aluminum (10mm grip)
Spoke 6 Black-Red-Black (8.6mm grip)

Back in August, Brian Conti with finally released his much anticipated Spoke 6 in a pre-release bare aluminum. I immediately ordered the smaller 8.6mm grip and received it 2 weeks later. Unfortunately, he had had some issues with the 8.6mm grip and was unhappy with the way it came out. So, he shipped the pencil with a 10mm grip and a note saying that he would ship the 8.6mm when he was happy with it.

It took about 3 months to finally get the 8.6mm grip, but I must say that this is great customer service, since I had the pencil to play with, even it wasn’t exactly what I wanted UP FRONT and cost him extra. I now have my pencil the way I ordered it, and I am happy with it.

On the very day that I received my replacement grip, Brian released the Spoke 6 in twelve different colorways. Again, I ordered mine immediately.


In my last shipment from Brazil, I got a surprise pencil included. This P209-40PB, celebrating 40 Anos (Years) of the P200 pencil. I have had the other two (P205-40PB & P207-40PB) for several years, and as far as I know, this completes my collection of distinctly Brazilian P200 pencils.

In November, I won an auction for some more Disney pencils. Here is my original post about these.


P565 Mickey Mouse – Mail (Yellow)
P565 Minnie Mouse (Orange)
P565 Donald Duck (Green)

As far as I know, there are still 3 other Disney characters I do not own, but am still searching for: Goofy, a larger Mickey Mouse and another Minnie Mouse pose.

With all of the Disney pencils that I and others own, and what I now understand about the Date Code, all of these were produced in 1977. All but 1 of the pencils I own are Generation 4 transparent bodies. The exception is a Generation 3 body with the size molded into the bottom. Since the majority of these finds are Gen 4, then Pentel must have been molding these bodies for these pencils. My question is, why was that 1 pencil in a Gen 3 body, and what was Pentel using the Gen 3 transparent bodies for, before these?

There are still 4 Popeye pencils I do not have.

Adding these 6 to the above 31, makes 37 new/new-to-me pencils I added this year.

My wallet says “ouch”.

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Pentel Floral/Pastel Limited Edition Pencils

In June 2021, Pentel France announced these pencils on their Instagram page. They called them coloris pastel or “color pastel”. I first encountered them on the website, where they called them by flower names. Another Swiss website also called them by their pastel colors.

These are the second set of Pastels released this year with the first by Loft Japan (Loft Pastel Limited Edition Pencils). Whatever name you apply to them, they are a beautiful addition to the collection.

As opposed to the Loft Pastels, which were molded in the colors, these pencils were molded in white plastic, then painted with a matt color. There are issues with the printing on these pencils, as I note below.

P205-97C Pastel Blue / Forget Me Not

This is a very nice color, with the text almost fading into the color.
You can see the issues on this closeup of the printed text.

Barcode: 3474372180016

P205-97D Pastel Green / Green Bud

This pencil has probably the worst issues on the text. If you look you can see it on the shot above.

Barcode: 3474372180023

P205-97F Pastel Orange / Nasturtium

This pencil (or the violet) has probably the cleanest text, but there are still some very minor issues with it.

Barcode: 3474372180030

P205-97G Pastel Yellow / Mimosa

Barcode: 3474372180047

P205-97P Pastel Pink / Magnolia

Barcode: 3474372180054

P205-97V Pastel Violet / Crocus

Barcode: 3474372180061

As you can see, all of these pencils have some issues with the printing. I purchased around 10 sets of these, and these are the cleanest examples of each that I kept for my collection. I have never seen anything like this on any P200 pencils before, other than on older ones that have been scuffed up.


As I said at the top of this post, another set of Pastel pencils were released in Japan this year. The P205 Loft Pastels were the subject of a previous post, but here is a side-by-side comparison of the two sets.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blog-p205-loft-pastels-08.jpg
European Floral/Pastels at top, Loft Pastels at bottom

As you may notice, the Loft pencils are shinier than the European pastels at the top, since they were molded in the colors, rather than painted.


Bonus Time – Misprints

If you look at 99.9% of Pentel P200 pencils, the text is always printed in the same spot on the pencil.  Looking at the tip, with the word “Pentel” in the cutout at the 12:00 position, the printing is 2-3:00 position, where the sides are smoothed together. 

As far as I can remember, I have only ever had 2 pencils with misprints. This does not count pencils that have had all or part of the text rubbed off.

Misprinted P205-97V

This P205-97V is printed in the correct position, but in an arc. This is one of the pencils I purchased in the sets I posted about above.

Misprinted P305S-CW

The P305S pencils had a larger print zone than normal, but still, this one rotated to print in the 3-4:00 position.


Yes, this should have been posted earlier, but newer pencils kept pushing this back, so it was delayed from following the other Pastel set.

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P200 Since 1970 Box Sets

The day I made my last post, I was looking at my regular list of auction site searches and came across a listing for a P200 Box Set. Intrigued, I looked at the post, then very quickly ordered it. Then I went back into the post to look a little more at the item, and the pictures. This was the P200GRBXSET Graphite Series Limited Edition Collectors Set.

For this packaged items, I like to have 2 sets in my collection. One to open, take the pencils and put them in my collection cases, and the other to keep with everything intact. So, I contacted the seller, asking if he had any more in stock. He replied that he did have another, and that he would put it up for me to purchase, so I picked up my second set.

At this point, he also mentioned that he had another set. I asked about that, and this one was the P200CLBXSET Classic Series Limited Edition Collectors Set. He listed them for me, and I bought those for myself.

Jump a week later, and I have these in my hands.

Graphite Series Limited Edition Collectors Set

This box set contains 4 pencils, P203 to P209, in shades of graphite from Soft Silver to Dark Graphite. These pencils are not labeled, and the box does not include model numbers.

The package is marked, “Distributed by: Pentel of America, Ltd, 4000 E Airport Dr., Suite C, Ontario, CA 91761”, and has a barcode of 072512283882.

P203 Soft Silver
P205 Light Pewter
P207 Medium Gunmetal
P209 Dark Graphite

As you can see these pencils are marked the same as the pencils in my earlier post about the “since 1970” pencils.

While waiting for this set to arrive, I was wondering if the P205 in this box set was the same P205-1Z in the earlier Taiwanese release. It turns out this is not the case, as you can see in the picture above, the P205-1Z is the pencil in the middle and the P203 & P205 bracket it. It appears that the P203 from this set is the same color, or very similar to, the P205-1Z.

When I first saw the picture of the back of this set, I was confused about one of the lines in the description. In the second paragraph, it states “In honor of over 50 years of reliability, this limited edition series features the original colors launched in 1970 with a commemorative imprint celebrating that history.” This line makes absolutely no sense, unless everything I know about the history of the Pentel P200 gets thrown out the window.

That is until I found out about the other box set the seller offered.

Classic Series Limited Edition Collectors Set

Like the box set above, this set contains 4 pencils, P203 to P209 in the original colors launched in 1970. Now, I have not found any evidence of the P203’s existence earlier than Generation 4 (that just may mean I haven’t found it… yet), but I will let this slide, since the other 3 were launched in 1970. Again, these pencils are not labeled, nor are model numbers indicated anywhere on the box.

Again, distributed by Pentel of America, the barcode is 072512283875, which is 1 code earlier than the Graphite Box Set.

P203 Classic Brown
P205 Classic Black
P207 Classic Blue
P209 Classic Yellow

Again, these are marked with the “since 1970” text.

Here is the back of the Classic set box, with the same text as on the Graphite Box Set, which makes much more sense here. It appears this box was designed first, and the layout copied for the Graphite Box Set, with suitable changes, and that line was just missed in those changes.

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Loft Pastel Limited Edition Pencils

I am not sure exactly when Loft Stores, in Japan, released the new Pastel pencils, but it was probably in the first quarter of 2021. What is interesting about this set of pencils is that 2 of the 5 are not new pencils, but carried over from their previous P200 for Boys & Girls set from 2019. The Baby Pink (P205BG-P2LF) and Serenity Blue (P205BG-SLF) join with 3 new colors to make up the Loft Pastel (as opposed to the Floral Pastels out of Europe, which will be the subject of a later post). The other three pencils in the Boys & Girls series have been discontinued by Loft.

Unlike the Brazilian P200 for Boys & Girls, which says “P200 Boys & Girls 0.5mm Pentel P205”, the text on the Loft Boys & Girls set is easy to adapt to a new series, as it does not say the series name on it.

These pencils are all molded with plastic in the appropriate color.

P205BG-P2LF Baby Pink

As indicated by the “BG” in the part number, this (and the next pencil) is one of the two pencils originally released in the Boys & Girls set. I am assuming that since it was a light color that is why it was chosen.
Barcode: 4902506367877

P205BG-SLF Serenity Blue

Again, this is the other pencil carried over from the Boys & Girls set.
Barcode: 4902506367884

P205-DLF Emerald Green

This is one of the three new colors for the pastel series. The only issue I have with this one, is the choice of the font color. The yellow text is hard to read.
Barcode: 4902506389541

P205-GLF Pale Yellow

Second of the new colors, this is a nice choice.
Barcode: 4902506389558

P205-VLF Violet

Last of the new colors, this is probably my favorite of the Pastel set.
Barcode: 4902506389565


As I said at the top of this post, another set of Pastel pencils were released in Europe this year. This will be a subject of my next post, but here is a side-by-side comparison of the two sets.

European Floral/Pastels at top, Loft Pastels at bottom

As you may notice, the Loft pencils are shinier than the European pastels at the top. I will get into that in the next post.

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Custom Pentel P205 Pencils III +

This post is a while coming, since I have had most of these pencils since the end of last year. This time I have 4 custom built pencils, plus a P205 being sold by an online retail outlet. Three of these custom pencils are wood turned pencils and one is a metal pencil.

BuildToSuit – P205 Turned Ambrosia Maple Pencil

This is a nice pencil, but a little bit thicker than I like at 10mm. The connection to the tip is very well turned and the tip matches up to the body without any gaps. The opening at the back is thick enough to not break when the pencil is used.

RockingRPWoodworx – P205 Turned Kingwood Pencil

This pencil fits my hand much better, being about 8mm towards the front of the grip, growing to about 9mm, just in front of the clip. I like the multiple colors in the wood grain and it does have a groove turned in the body for the clip to sit in. And it does have a nice bevel at the cap end.

The one issue I have is that it has split at the cap end on the opposite side of the clip.

Bryan Field Pens – P205 Turned Black Walnut Pencil

I like to collect P200 pencils from everybody who makes custom pencils, so when I saw that Bryan Field Pens had one, I ordered it. He sold this as a P209, but I replaced the inner workings with a 0.5mm, since that is what I have all of my custom pencils in.

I like the colors in this pencil that are hard to capture in the photo, but there are a few issues I have with this pencil. First it is much too large for my preference (11mm), and it does not have a clip, but those are just preferences. The main issue is the section where the tip screws over is too long, so the back of the tip does not meet up with the body, and even if it did, it would not be a smooth transition, as the front of the body is about 2 mm wider than the back of the tip.

Garret Behm – P205 Black Coated Brass Pencil

I saw Garret post an early version of this pencil and contacted him about purchasing it. He did not want to sell that one because it was an experiment and had scratches and stuff on it, so he made a new one and sold it to me. A little later, he started an Indiegogo page to sell these.

The body of this pencil is six sided brass that has been powder coated black, then trimmed on the ends and the grooves cut. Unlike most custom pencil makers, he also powder coated the tip and the cap of the original P205 parts. – V1202 Pencil

This pencil is not a custom made pencil, but manufactured by Pentel. Because it is a single pencil from one company, I did not want to just write a blog post about just the one pencil, so I included it in this post.

I saw mention of this pencil on a post on the Pentel Japan website, and decided to check it out. It does not have any of the normal text on the side, but has the Freitag logo imprinted on the bottom.

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Sport Chic Limited Edition

At the beginning of last week, I heard about some new Pentel P205 pencils from Europe. I managed to find a source and ordered them. Unbelievably, I received them in last Friday.

These 4 pencils are matt colored, and upon examination, they are a painted pencil, but I have never had any problems with the paint that Pentel uses on their P200 pencils, other than the occasional extra thick coat that obscures the mold mark.

I really do like the colors of these pencils, and the color of the printing, although at times the dark blue on the black is a little hard to see. These pencils have the standard text on them with a long bar before the text begins. And the removable barcode sticker on the bottom gives the part number and GTIN barcode for each pencil.

P205-99A Black

This is the Black version with Dark Blue text, which as you can see might be a bit hard to read. The barcode is 3474372170017, registered out of France.

P205-99C Night Blue

The Night Blue version has a Light Green text. The barcode is 3474372170024.

P205-99D Green Khaki

This is a Green Khaki with Yellow text. The barcode is 3474372170031.

P205-99V Mauve

This is the Mauve pencil with a Light Blue text. The barcode is 3474372170048.


I still hope that Pentel Japan or Pentel USA will come out with something special to celebrate 50 years of the P200, but at this point, I am not holding my breath too much. If these are the only truly new pencils to come out this year for the P200’s 50th Anniversary, I won’t be completely disappointed.

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Brazilian Metallics

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Pentel P200 pencil. I have been hoping that Pentel Japan would release a 50th anniversary pencil, but it does not seem like that is going to happen.

But, Pentel Brazil has released a Metallic series of pencils. There are 3 colors available in sizes 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm. I received my pencils this week and looking at them, I am a little disappointed. Six of these nine pencils have been released here in the United States before. In 2012, Pentel of America released 13 metallic P205 pencils, including the three below. It is true that these have not been available since that release, but still they are not a new pencil. Also, there are eight P207 metallics that are currently available in the US, including the 3 below. However, the three P209 pencils are new in these colors.

Since these pencils use already produced colors (P209 just has different printing on same body), these are manufactured in Japan. These pencils do use the standard Brazilian label that all of their pencils use.

Metallic Rose Pink

P205-MP1PB Metallic Rose Pink (7898419169066)
P207-MP1PB Metallic Rose Pink (7898419169073)
P209-MP1PB Metallic Rose Pink (7898419169080)

Metallic Sky Blue

P205-MSPB Metallic Sky Blue (7898419169097)
P207-MSPB Metallic Sky Blue (7898419169103)
P209-MSPB Metallic Sky Blue (7898419169110)

Metallic Rose Gold

P205-MYPB Metallic Rose Gold (7898419169127)
P207-MYPB Metallic Rose Gold (7898419169134)
P209-MYPB Metallic Rose Gold (7898419169141)


Now, I am glad to get something new this year, but being the 50th year, I wish it was something unique.

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Custom Pentel P205 Pencils II

Since I first posted my Custom Pencils back in October 2018, I have more than doubled my collection of custom pencils, and this is going from 5 creators to 9 different creators.  I still have the largest portion of my collection in metal pencils, and 2/3 of those from Spoke Design.

I decided to put all of the pencils in this post, so many of the write-ups below are copied directly from the first post with only minor edits.

Wood Turned Pencils

The first custom pencils I found online were from Turn-of-the-Century but I later found some more on Etsy.  The newest creator contacted me via my website contact page.

Thom Wilson – P205 Wood Turned Teakz0608 - TURN-THOM-TTK - 325

Thom has apparently closed his Etsy store.

This is a very nice looking pencil, but it would never make it into my regular pencil rotation.  This is no fault of Thom, it is just that I like a thin pencil (look at what I am collecting), and his pencil has a grip diameter of almost 11 mm, much to large for me.

One other issue is that the pencil has been sealed or varnished, but the end-grain on the cap end, does not appear to have been sealed.  Either it was not, or the wood absorbed the sealant on the end.

Richard Altenhofen – P205 Wood Turned Bloodwoodz0576 - TURN-ALTEN-TBW - 380

Richard had several pencils in different variety of wood, but I finally decided on the Bloodwood.  Again, this is much too thick for my taste (11.25 mm), but in his description of the pencils he writes, “I make the diameter of my mechanical pencils a bit larger that [sic] the original because I find people like the grip better.”

One thing I do like about this pencil is that he copied much of the detail that is on the standard P200 body.  He has the groove cut out for the clip to sit in, and he has the grooves at the front along the grip, much like the P200 body.

His pencils normally come in P207, but he will change them out to P205 or P209 upon request.

Dale Parrott – P205 Wood Turned Zebra Woodz0609 - TURN-WTC-TZW - 342

This is one of my favorite of the wood pencils.  At the time I purchased this, he had two Zebra Wood pencils, but I like the looks of this one the best.  Another reason that this is one of my favorites, is the shape mimics the P205, and fits my hand perfectly.

It is also very reminiscent of the Brown Marble P205, in the flow of the lines.

Larry Heuvelman – Matched P205 Wood Turned Zircotez1171 - TURN-LHEU-TZI - 372z1170 - TURN-LHEU-TZI - 349

I purchased this set in February of this year.  It is a set of “Book Mirrored Zircote (this means they were made out of the same piece of wood, but mirror each other).” My favorite of the two is the top pencil with the major portion of the pencil being the lighter wood.

Turn-of-the-Century Wood Turning

The next three pencils come from the website Turn-of-the-Century Wood Turning.  They offer several types of items including pens and pencils.  The pencils use either the P205 or P207 internals, and they usually have a couple of dozen pencils available in several different varieties of wood, and three different styles.  I chose one of each style in a different wood each.

P205 Wood Turned High Flare Cocoboloz0607 - TURN-TOTCH-TCO - 350

Turn-of-the-Century carves their flare on the pencils in two different positions.  This one is the high flare, set above the end of the pencil for people who like to hold their pencils further up.

I don’t particularly care for the flare, especially this high up, but I wanted to have one of each style of pencil that they make.  This is the darkest wood of the pencils I have and  is hard to photograph, but it does have some wood grain aspects in a very dark red and brown.

P205 Wood Turned Flare Honduran Rosewoodz0606 - TURN-TOTCF-THR - 355

This flared pencil is made of one of the lighter woods that I have.

P205 Wood Turned Purpleheartz0484 - TURN-TOTC-TPH - 338

This is my other favorite of the wood turned pencil, and is also the first one I purchased back in January 2017.  I really like the purple color to the wood and the tapered shape; it feels really good in your hand.


Resin Turned Pencils

This year is the first time I have purchased one of these pencils.  I found this creator via Reddit, when he posted a picture of a pencil he had done for his daughter.

Dan Cannon – P205 Resin Turned Mineral Sea Alumilitez1166 - TURN-WBW-RCG - 363

I first saw a pencil like this on Reddit, when Dan posted a picture of a pencil he turned for his daughter.  I immediately contacted him about purchasing a resin pencil.  He sent me a picture of some resin blanks he had, and I chose one that was similar in color (primarily blue-orange).

This pencil has a nice feel to it, and I really love the blue in the resin.  He has a few others currently up on his Etsy site and I am tempted by one or two of them.


Metal Pencils

This time, I have purchased metal pencils from 2 other creators besides Spoke, who I have also purchased many more from.

Spoke Design

When I first got on Kickstarter, I backed several makers of pens, but I never found people making pencils out of metal.  Finally in 2012, I came upon a Kickstarter by Brian Conti to design a metal pencil based on the Pentel P205.  And the collection started there.

Spoke One Dotz0568 - SPOKE 1 Dot-QD - 334z0566 - SPOKE 1 Dot-QA - 338

As I said above, I had purchased metal pens (and still use one or two), but had never found metal pencils until the Spoke Mechanical Pencil.

According to the Kickstarter, Brian wanted to design a pencil that was not just another round pencil in metal, and used his CNC machine to make this pencil out of aluminum.  To make it unique and stand out, he carved the slots out of the sides to give it the look of spokes in a wheel.  Since he planned on doing more pencils later, he decided to make a single dot on one side near the cap, and that would be how he designated the pencils, thus the Spoke One Dot was born.

Spoke Solidz0569 - SPOKE Solid-QN - 355

As best as I can remember, after the Kickstarter, Brian set up his website and a couple of months later he offered this limited edition pencil, without the cutouts.  This one still has the One Dot at the top, but also has “SPOKE” stamped on the side, along with the number of the pencil (20 pieces in the limited run), in my case, “6”.  This pencil is made of Gunmetal Gray anodized aluminum.

Spoke Inversez0600 - SPOKE Inverse-QN - 296

This pencil was released in 2013, and was a kind of side pencil from the main Spoke line, and thus does not have the Dot designation and is labeled “SPOKE 2013”.  This one is made from the guts of the Pentel P225 (the only size available at this time).

It is a good thing that Brian did not decide to try to continue to use the P225, as (at least here in the USA) it was discontinued after the 2012 catalog.  Or maybe that is why he did not carry forward with this…

Spoke Two Dotz0582 - SPOKE 2 Dot-QB - 312

I missed this pencil when it was first offered in 2013 and only picked it up in 2018 when Brian posted about having a few left in stock.

Aside from the Two Dot designation, the only difference I see in this pencil is that the slots are cut narrower than the One Dot.

Spoke Three Dot Prototypez0861 - SPOKE 3 Dot-QAL-PROTOTYPE - 300

I picked this one up at the same time as the Spoke Two Dot in 2018. Made of bare aluminum, this pencil marked a complete change of direction for Spoke pencils, and I think it is for the better.  I did like the uniqueness of the prior pencils, but they never fit my hand comfortably due to the flare at the tip end.

This pencil, with the straight grip section that flares out larger into the body where the spokes are is, to me, a fantastic design.  It just fits my hand very comfortably.

The only real downside to this design, is that it no longer has any flat edges to keep it from rolling off a desk.

As I said, this pencil is a prototype for the…

Spoke Three Dotz0570 - SPOKE 3 Dot-QTT - 329

In July 2017, Spoke Design released almost the perfect pencil.

It had the right shape and it was Brian’s first pencil released in Titanium (the only way the Three Dot was released).  It was perfect, except that he kept having issues making these out of Titanium (“the deep bore was difficult in the Ti as well as the slots”).  Thus, only 100 were released, making a limited edition out of what was (I believe) supposed to be an ongoing production.

Spoke 4z0571 - SPOKE 4-QBA - 325z0583 - SPOKE 4-QCTT - 325z0896 - SPOKE 4-QASS - 304z0882 - SPOKE 4-QCBR - 304z0925 - SPOKE 4-QVTB - 314z1208 - SPOKE 4-QDTB-92 - 298z1162 - SPOKE 4-QSTT-INV - 311z1161 - SPOKE 4-QNTB-INV - 313

P205 8.3 mm Black Anodized Aluminum Grip with Red Anodized Aluminum Body
(First Spoke 4 I purchased)
P205 8.3 mm Shiny Titanium Grip with Blue Anodized Aluminum Body
P205 8.3 mm Stainless Steel Grip with Black Anodized Aluminum Body
P205 8.3 mm Brass Grip with Blue Anodized Aluminum Body & Gold Tip and Cap
P205 8.3 mm Blasted Titanium Grip with Purple Anodized Aluminum Body
(This one normally resides on my desk at work)
P205 9.2 mm Blasted Titanium Grip with Lime Green Anodized Aluminum Body
P205 Shiny Titanium Inverse Grip with Cyan Anodized Aluminum Body
P205 Blasted Titanium Inverse Grip with Gunmetal Grey Anodized Aluminum Body

Released on Halloween (October 31) 2017, the Spoke 4 was a departure in several ways.

First, the name.  The dots and Dot designation were dropped for this release, although the 4 is inside a big white dot.  Second, this pencil is made of two sections; the grip and the body.

And these two sections, give you a lot of choices.  The body currently comes in 7 colors; the grip comes in 3 sizes: 8.3 mm,  9.2 mm & Inverse, and 6 choices of materials/colors (Inverse only available in 2 different Titaniums).  Of course it is still available in the three sizes: 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm & 0.9 mm (if you ask very nicely, you can even get it in 0.3 mm).  This gives you 294 different combinations to choose from (392 for those who asked nicely).

Spoke 5

In September 2018, the first of these pencils were released.

Spoke 5-2 – Anodized Storm Grey Aluminumz0854 - SPOKE 5-2-QN - 270

Spoke 5-3 – Anodized Bare Aluminumz0855 - SPOKE 5-3-QAL - 283

Spoke 5-3 (revision 2) – Anodized Gunmetal Grey Aluminumz1064 - SPOKE 5-3-QN1 (v2) - 546

These pencils feature the return of the Dots on the pencil, but not in the name.  They are designated “5” after the Dots and “2” or “3” after the number of slots cut on each side. The smaller grip area (than the Dot 3 or 4) is 9 mm in diameter, but the cap end features the return of 6 flat sides, which will help with rolling on desks. Originally, these were only offered in the two colors above (Storm Grey and Bare Aluminum).

The revision 2 of the Spoke 5-3 added an additional mark to the back side of the pencils (opposite the 5 dots), which you can see in the picture above.  If you cannot see it clearly, the symbol above the 5 is the Spoke logo.  This was also only offered in 3 colors: Gunmetal Grey, Red and Blue.

Due to being made of aluminum, and such a small cross-section, these are very light, and thus won’t make it into my permanent rotation, as I like heavier pencils.


Nicholas Hemingway

I do not remember exactly where I found out about Nicholas Hemingway pencils, but in February 2020, I decided to order 2 of these pencils.

P205 Carbon Fiber in Matte finishz1159 - HEMINGWAY-GAM - 251

P205 Titaniumz1160 - HEMINGWAY-TT - 248

Out of the UK, Nicholas Hemingway offers several different styles of pencils, including some based on the Pentel P205.  He offers them in about 7 different materials (including a Sterling Silver version), but all are made in this straight, plain style that really is not that exciting.  But I want to have custom pencils from all of the different creators that I can find, so I decided to get a couple of the higher end materials.


Lindsay Wilson – Number 9 Pencils

I first saw Lindsay Wilson’s pencils on Reddit last year, then I found his Instagram page and started looking at his handmade pencils.  In October 2019, Lindsay released a Kickstarter to launch his Number 9 Pencils made from Pentel P200 pencils.  After seeing his stuff on Instagram, I was all in and ordered all 4 styles of pencils.

Number 9 Pencil – Low Taper Plain in Aluminumz1133 - NUMBER9-QTLP-AL - 321

Number 9 Pencil – High Taper Grooved in Brassz1134 - NUMBER9-QTHG-BR - 310

Number 9 Pencil – Continuous Knurl in Stainless Steelz1135 - NUMBER9-QKC-SS - 302

Number 9 Pencil – Interrupted Knurl in Stainless Steelz1136 - NUMBER9-QKI-SS - 293

All of the above pencils were purchased in 0.5 mm, and I received them in January 2020 and loved them, although my favorite is the Continuous Knurl.  It has a great feel in the grip and is heavy enough to satisfy my need for a heavier pencil.

Geometric Bamboo Style Pencil with Brass Cap & Tipz1164 - NUMBER9-QBG-BR - BR - 264

Towards the end of his fulfillment of the Kickstarter in January, Lindsay started playing around with making a bamboo style pencil.  A little while later, he made an improvement to the pencil to make each section longer and longer.  This pencil is not compatible with a clip, which is fine, since I don’t think a silver clip would look good with the all brass look.

Titanium Pencilz1163 - NUMBER9-QSC-TT - 255

I purchased this pencil and the Geometric Brass pencil above in February 2020, not even a month after receiving the Number 9 Pencils.  Because I liked the Continuous Knurl on the Number 9 Pencil, I asked for that style when I placed my order.

Now, I do own a bunch of other pencils, both Pentel and other, so when I saw some of Lindsay’s work on other pencils, I decided to order a non-P200 pencil before he ramped up for the Kickstarter.

Pentel PG5 in all Stainless SteelLindsay Wilson PG5

Lindsay does not do this style of pencil (all exposed pieces in SS) any more, as some of the pieces take too long to do and he is too busy now doing other pencils.  I believe he will still do the body, but will use the original PG5 pieces for the end.

This is my everyday pencil I use at home.


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Delfonics Limited Edition Pencils

In December 2019, I was contacted by another collector about these pencils.  They were announced on December 3 on a Delfonics Twitter post.  Ten days later they were announced on the Delfonics website.  Unfortunately, at this time, they seem to be sold out from the Delfonics website.

It took a couple of orders for him to get me a full set of these pencils, but I finally have a full set of these pencils.

Aside from the text printed on the side and the colors, these are standard P200 pencils. The cutout has the same information (PENTEL on line 1 and JAPAN and the mold mark on line 2), the inner body, clip, tip and cap are all the same.

500723 811 (P203) Light Grayz1138 - 500723 811 - 307

These pencils do not have a model number printed on them anywhere, so I am using the Delfonics part number from the stickers as the model of these pencils.Label - 500723 811
The color of this pencils is a light gray, with a medium gray text that just says the size (0.3mm) and DELFONICS.
The barcode for this item is 4516085307928.

500724 124 (P205) Neon Orange (Red)z1140 - 500724 124 - 296

This pencil is a bright orange with white text.
The barcode is 4516085307935.

500724 807 (P205) Dark Grayz1142 - 500724 807 - 295

This pencil is a dark gray color with white or light gray text.
The barcode is 4516085307959.

500724 811 (P205) Light Grayz1144 - 500724 811 - 283

This is the same light gray as the P203 above with the medium gray text.
The barcode is 4516085307942.

500725 807 (P207) Dark Grayz1172 - 500725 807 - 321

This pencil is the same color as one of the P205s above with the white or light gray text.
The barcode is 4516085307966.

500726 124 (P209) Neon Orange (Red)z1146 - 500726 124 - 293

Again, this pencil matches a P205 above in color, bright orange with white text.
The barcode is 4516085307973.

If you notice, the sequences of the Delfonics part numbers, the size is the first 6 numbers:
500723 = P203
500724 = P205
500725 = P207
500726 = P209

The last 3 numbers correspond to the colors:
124 = Neon Orange (Delfonics calls this Red)
807 = Dark Gray
811 = Light Gray

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Character Pencils – Disney & Popeye

Back in December 2018, another Pentel collector I follow posted on his Instagram a picture of some P200 pencils that I had never seen.

Blog - Character Pencils - P200 Walt Disney Pencils (Japan) - Crz.riley (Instagram) 01Photo by @crz-riley

These pencils were of Disney characters Mickey Mouse (2 versions), Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse.  In talking about these pencils and trying to place them in the timeline, we looked at a couple of things about these.  First, they did not have any size molded into the bottom of the pencils, which seems to rule out Generation 2 or Generation 3.  Next, they have the 2mm guide pipe on the tip, which led me to believe these were a Generation 1 pencils, but in the cutout, they did not say P205 JAPAN #, so we decided that these were Generation 1b pencils, which probably came out in 1972 or so.

After thinking about this a little while though, I came to the conclusion that since these originated in Japan, they were P325, not P205 pencils.

In discussing these pencils with @crz.riley, he mentioned that he had also acquired a Popeye version of one of these, and he sent me pictures of it.

Photos by @crz.riley

One thing bothered me about the pictures he sent me here is that the label in the second picture, I had always associated with later pencils.

In April, 2019, I finally received my own character pencil.

Blog - Character Pencils - z0924 - P325-WDG-MIN - Short Tip - 2069

It is a Disney Minnie Mouse pencil.  It seemed to have the same all of the same characteristics as @crz.riley’s pencils, except mine had the size molded into the bottom, so I decided that it probably fell into Generation 2.

Two months later, I received a Popeye pencil, and here is where the first of things started to change.

Blog - Character Pencils - z0954 - P325-KFP - PPL - Short-Tip - 1920

Around this time, I started to look at the numbers in the Mold Mark and see what range they fall into.  I contacted @crz.riley to find out what the marks were on the pencils he had. As I posted in the Mold Marks blog, all Generation 1 pencils fall between 1 and 8, without exception.  I also found that all of the Generation 1 pencils used a Beveled Brass Inner Body, whereas both of my pencils use a later Flat Brass Cap Inner Body, and it looks like @crz.riley’s pencils do as well.

When I checked the Mold Marks on my pencils, they were 11 (Minnie Mouse) and 25 (Popeye pleading to Olive Oyl).  @crz.riley’s pencils all fell between 19 and 28, and when I checked in my database (and listed in the Mold Marks blog), these numbers all fell in the range for Generation 4.

The last piece of information that reconfirmed my reassessment of what generation these pencils were came from another blogger who posted these.

Blog - Character Pencils - P325 - Popeye Pencils 01Photo by @Cuirassier_

These pencils had four different images – Popeye and Olive Oyl, Popeye pleading to Olive Oyl (my version), Popeye fighting Bluto and Popeye with a sea bag.  It also shows that there were 6 different color inner bodies that were used: red, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.

@Cuirassier_ wrote on his blog (translated by Google), “It was written on the bottom of the case as a manufactured product in 1980, so it seems to have appeared briefly before and after 1980.”  This definitely pushes these pencils into Generation 4, which would make my Disney Minnie Mouse pencil a Generation 3.  It looks like they decided to use the shorter 2mm tips on these limited run pencils.  Of course, this fit nicely with the larger triangular label, as I had generally associated it with Generation 4 pencils.

Another photo he posted also clarified the model number of these pencils.

Blog - Character Pencils - P325 - Popeye Pencils 02Photo by @Cuirassier_

It looks like these pencils were model number P565 or P565ST2 for the Popeye versions.

So coming down to this, until I learn otherwise, I am calling these pencils (at least for my collection):
P565 – Walt Disney are Generations 3 & 4
P565 – Popeye are Generation 4


I would like to say Thanks to the following bloggers, as I could not have written this blog without their contributions.  Please go check them out:

@crz.riley on Instagram – a fellow collector of Pentel P200 and other Pentel pencils.

@Cuirassier_ on Twitter and his own blog – a Korean collector of mechanical pencils over a wide range of brands.